Posted by: crudbasher | January 23, 2015

Live Cameras On Hockey Players

Drones and remote cameras are opening up many experiences to Internet viewers. While it’s not as good as actually being there, it’s still a lot better than reading about it in a book. This tech is becoming much cheaper and in fact most of us carry around a smartphone with a decent camera with which we can broadcast to the world.

H/T Gizmodo

The NHL/NHLPA just inked a deal with GoPro to bring action cams to televised hockey across the United States and Canada using the camera company’s newly developed broadcast solution. Basically, in order for GoPros to be usable in live broadcast settings, the company had to develop a very small very lightweight wireless transmitter. The inaugural usage will be this weekend’s skills competition before the All Star Game. The cameras are ready for use during the game itself, but it’s not 100 percent clear whether they’ll be used in the broadcast.

That is very cool and the tech is going to spread rapidly into other sports. I can imagine though a whole other area of broadcast for educational use. Imagine having a local guide to Egyptian pyramids, or controlling a drone through a cave in Europe. The world has more amazing things to see than we can ever see. Remote learning will help make it real for school kids.

Here’s a video of the footage they can get from the Hockey players. Very cool!


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