Posted by: crudbasher | January 27, 2015

Great Article Describing A Telepresence Experience

We tend to throw around terms like Virtual Reality to describe things that are actually not that. The author of this article talks about his VR experience but a VR experience is defined as Virtual, meaning synthetic and not real. Instead he is using a Head Mounted Display to experience real reality from a different point than his physical body. This is called Telepresence even if you use a HMD to do it.

I am completely convinced however that the general public will call this VR so it will stick. *sigh* lol

Back on topic. When I read this story I got a whole bunch of ideas as to how to apply this to education. There are lots of places in the world I want to visit. Doing it via Telepresence might be the easiest way to do it.

H/T Engadget

I don’t know what John Carmack, Mark Zuckerberg or Palmer Luckey have in mind for the future of VR, but after what I experienced I’m ready for a virtual reality feed from every major event — NBA All-Star Game, Super Bowl, State of the Union address, whatever. It’s not quite teleportation, but having seen 4K, 8K and everything else, the sense of “being there” has never matched what even this heavily compressed stream on a phone and $200 headset could provide.

This technology should have a big impact on the way we learn in the not too distant future.



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