Posted by: crudbasher | January 28, 2015

A Video Showing Virtual Reality Training

This post relates to the Simulation theme.

This year should be very cool for Virtual Reality. That technology has been on the horizon for literally decades but it looks like the time is right to make it a commercial reality. What really interests me about it is the whole idea of using it for experiential learning. With that in mind here are two videos. The first is a tech demo from Epic showing an apartment in Paris. This demo is not actually in VR but it easily could be. The point here is to show how good the visuals can be in VR.

The second video is the actual VR training video. In it a Youtuber plays Eurotruck which apparently is a truck driving simulator. When he puts on the Occulus Rift VR helmet he becomes immersed in the game. What is significant is he can use the mirrors just like you would in a real truck. There is no reason you can’t use this exact technology for training truck drivers. Now this won’t completely replace driving a real truck but it’s a lot cheaper and safer to do the initial training in VR. You can simulate various weather conditions just by pushing a button.

Here’s the video (note there is some profanity as he plays but not too often)

Your students will have this technology within the next 1-2 years.

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