Posted by: crudbasher | April 8, 2015

An Amazing Video Of Video Game Graphics

When I look ahead at new ways to learn, I keep coming back to experiential learning. You can read about something as much as you want but nothing can replace actually doing it right? I therefore see two main avenues to do this in a learning setting. First is telepresence. This is using robotic systems like drones to experience something remotely. This technology is exploding right now as we have all seen. The other technology is virtual simulations. The government has been using simulations for decades but the tech is now cheap enough that we can all experience it in a video game. The next generation of video games are becoming very accurate so that means that learning simulations will be right behind them.

Here’s a video of an upcoming racing game called Project CARS, split screened with footage from the actual race car.

That is really amazing! Imagine then being able to work on the cars, design them and build them. What sorts of lessons about mechanical and electrical engineering would you learn?


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