Posted by: crudbasher | April 10, 2015

Instructions On How To Climb Stairs

A friend of mind posted this link on Facebook the other day.

Instructions on how to climb a staircase

It is hosted on a site called Instructables, which near as I can tell is a site that hosts small instructions like this. It is obviously done tongue in cheek, but it does tell us something about education.

  1. The article is illustrated with pictures and diagrams.
  2. The article obviously took some time to write.
  3. As of this blog post it has been viewed by 23,205 people.

The most remarkable thing about this is the cost to distribute educational content these days is zero and the cost to make it is very nearly zero too. All it cost was time to make it. This thing is a joke and yet it has been seen by over 23,000 people!!

There are videos like this all over Youtube. Here’s one with the same theme. It even has titles and music!

These are spoof videos yes but my point is, if we have gotten to the point where learning can be a spoof, then truly educational content is everywhere and can be done by anyone. You shouldn’t have to pay $71,000 per year for it.

This is the nature of disruptive technology.


  1. Yes that is the nature of disruption. And you also know that one is not paying $71,000 a year for the content.

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