Posted by: crudbasher | April 27, 2015

Price Of Computing Approaches Zero

There are two main reasons I believe Bring Your Own Device is the way of computing for the future in schools.

First, articles like this where they look at a few very low cost computers. H/T

[W]hat’s fascinating here is that they’re almost entirely removing the price barrier to computing. In other words, you don’t have to compute just with old hardware, or hardware with horrible commercial restrictions. (Remember those so-called “free PCs” from the late 1990s that required sitting through ads all the time and a monthly service contract? That kind of thing is history.) School labs, developing countries, DIY projects, your uncle with the 10-year-old desktop he still refuses to upgrade –these new low-cost machines are shoo-ins.

The price for a given level of performance has kept dropping each year. This means that our computers are essentially disposable devices. Would you use a 5 years old smartphone? Probably not if you had a chance. After 5 years you can buy another one for the same price you paid for the first but get many times the performance.

The second reason is when I read about the LA school district abandoning a program to give every student iPads after squandering over a billion dollars. Let the students bring what device they want and focus on the learning software itself. Pretty soon, these devices will be essentially free.

Here’s a more detailed look at this from a few years ago.

Why Bring Your Own Device To School Is Inevitable

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