Posted by: crudbasher | May 1, 2015

Jawdropping Realtime Video Of An Upcoming Final Fantasy Game

Truth be told I am not sure if this is an actual FF game or just a tech demo. It doesn’t really matter I suppose.

One of the threads I have been following in technology is video game graphics. This tech is what is going to make realistic learning experiences. In previous videos I have talked about how this is all “realtime” and not pre-rendered. For people not used to video games that might not make sense. Well I am happy to report that in this video they actually explain it and show the difference.

Now something to note is this demo is running on very high end PC hardware. In fact the machine probably cost 5,000 dollars. Still, in about 3-4 years we will have that in our smart phones.

Therefore by 2020, you can expect to have simulations this accurate. So what are you going to teach? 🙂



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