Q: Why do you go by the name Crudbasher?

A: It’s a rorschach test for teachers. School conditions us that we should listen to people who have credentials, with Ph.Ds as the final word. I believe we should evaluate everyone based on the substance of their ideas, not on credentialing. If you can listen to someone that goes by Crudbasher and evaluate them seriously, then you have an open enough mind for this site.

Q: Yes, but why Crudbasher?

A: It is a name I used in video games. It’s silly but it has meaning for me. Also, all your students play video games and have similar names. It’s a different world…

Q: Do you hate teachers?

A: Definitely not! Some my best friends are teachers. Public school teachers especially have a pretty much impossible job so I have great respect for anyone who takes that on. What I don’t like is the system that ties their hands and wastes vast amounts of talented kids.

Q: What is the Stormfront?

A: Every great wave of change can been seen in the horizon if you know what to look for. A large thunderstorm has a Stormfront preceding it. I am on the lookout for similar signs in technology.


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