Future of Learning

Have you ever wondered why as a society we keep spending more and more money on public education and nothing ever really changes? Everyone seems to have their own solutions to improve public education (most involve spending more money) and yet it stays stagnant. So why it this?

There are several factors.

1. It is by nature a standardized system. A student in one part of the country can pass grade 8 and then attend grade 9 in another part of the country and not miss a beat. A system like this is very very resistant to change.

2. The success of failure of a system depends on how you measure it. If you measure the school system by student achievement it is very static and mediocre. And yet, I maintain that the public school system is doing exactly what it is supposed to do. These would be:

A) Babysit children so both parents can work,

B) Consume vast quantities of tax money and funnel substantial amounts of it back to politician

C) Provide a reliable political base for some politicians

D) Indoctrinate children with conformity and obedience to the state. (go see John Taylor Gatto’s work)


I believe instead that the future of learning will have the following characteristics:

A) Learning will be directed and instigated by the learner.

B) Learning will happen at any time, at any place, and at the learner’s pace.

C) People will never stop learning.

D) Most learning content will be created automatically by software systems, and personalized for the learner.

E) People will be both teachers and learners.


For much more please check out my 4 part post called Searching for a New Model For Learning


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