Posted by: crudbasher | January 27, 2010

Apple Tablet watchlist

UPDATE Hmm so I was wrong about a few details.  I’m still confused by the no GPS thing, but if you don’t put a camera in it then I guess I understand.  It can still figure out it’s location based on Cell signals to a certain extent.  Basically the iPad (I guessed the name right) is a large iTouch with 3G data thrown in.

Earlier post below

Today Apple is going to unveil their newest product, which will be a table of some form.  I am very hopeful it will be awesome but there are a few things in my opinion it must have.

1. GPS – the days of gadgets not knowing their location are over.

2. Camera – A decent video camera is on the iPhone now so I can’t believe it wouldn’t be on here.  (but will it be on the front or the back?) My guess is both.

3. 3G support for cell services.  The problem here is this tablet is designed for movies and such.  That would crush ATTs 3G network under the strain.

4.  App store support.  – If it doesn’t run iPhone apps in some way,  I would be hugely shocked.

5.  ebook support.  Print media will need to transition to the digital age and make money from it.  Apple’s closed ecosystem is their best bet to do this.

Steve Jobs is not stupid.  He knows what made the iPhone a success. Watch for that same combination of ease of use, app support, sexy design and fanboi buzz to be repeated.

Extra bonus points:

1.  It has some kind of wireless display technology. (i doubt it)

My guess for the name?  iPad. heh

Well we will find out at 1pm EST.  Should be fun!


  1. Assisted GPS is available on the 3G model of the iPad.

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