Posted by: crudbasher | January 24, 2011

Libraries Still Give Me A Thrill

I had an opportunity to go to our main county library this weekend.  I went just for fun to find a bit of light reading.  Our library is a four story building in downtown Orlando and has a good collection of books.

(cc) Raysonho

When I got there, I was struck by how cool libraries are.  I went to floor three and looked around at the rows of books. I felt a bit of a thrill as I gazed at them.  How cool is it that you can go to any row, any shelf and just pull a book down at random.  In that book is a story, told by someone who spent sometimes years researching and crafting it.  Within that building, I can find stories about just about anything I can imagine!  I think that potential is what I found exciting.  Am I a nerd that I found it exciting to be in a library?

When I use a web browser I can access vastly more information, much more quickly but it’s not a thrill.  Maybe it’s because information on the web is in such small bites?  Once in a while I just want a long form story.  Even a textbook is a story in a way.  I especially love  old books. I have a collection from my Grandfather that are all almost 100 years old. It’s like stepping back in time…

Are our children being raised to appreciate books?  I somehow don’t think so.  They seem to be more fragmented.  What are the implications of this?  Are our schools designed for an older generation, more able to focus for longer times?

Most importantly, how should a school be designed for these types of students?


  1. A serendipitous moment…Just as I was reading this post, I heard shrieks of delight coming from the story center in our school library. I stepped out of my office to find a class of first graders oohing and awing over an activity devised by our librarian. She was introducing this year’s Caldecott award winners. This is one of her favorite things to do and her enthusiasm is reflected in the faces and voices of her students.

    • Oh that is so cool! Enthusiasm is infectious! Thanks for commenting Chris!!

  2. Not a nerd, I have the same thrill in a library. I think it is important to pass that on to students, some how I doubt that they get the same thrill by downloading an ebook. Wonderful but just not the same.

    • Yeah I wonder how we can loan an ebook to a student? You know, the student who wants to know more and we have a good book they would benefit from?

      I’m just not sold on ebooks yet.

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