Posted by: crudbasher | October 5, 2015

Another Step Toward Smart Toys

Hey Reader, long time no see. I have taken a step back from all of this because I felt like I was repeating myself on my posts and I don’t want to do that.

I did find this little tidbit though. It relates to how I see Smart Toys as the first personalized learning tool children will get in the future.

H/T Freebeacon

The National Science Foundation is spending nearly a half a million dollars to create robots that can tell stories to preschoolers.


“Early language ability, including vocabulary skills and oral language knowledge during preschool, is an important predictor of children’s academic success in subsequent school years,” the grant states. “Social robots that can engage children as personalized learning companions hold great promise in augmenting the learning experience of children with parents and teachers.”
The researchers explain that robots are unique because they can “play, learn, and engage with children in the real world.”

Wait. You mean you can learn outside of schools? With no teacher? What a concept. 🙂

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  1. Hi Andrew,
    Great post, and it’s so hard to believe you have been at the blog for 6 years now.
    Dr. Deason

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