Posted by: crudbasher | January 17, 2012

NYC Creates A Public High School Focusing On Software

Now this is an interesting development. I’m not surprised that a school is opening with a more specialist take on education. The one size fits all approach clearly has it’s faults so it’s natural people will try something else. What surprises me about this is it is being doing by the NYC public school system. If you take this with the School of One and a few other innovative concepts, New York City is showing they are being more innovative than I would have given them credit for.

I do think though that this type of school would work better as a virtual school online. Physical schools are still limited to the students in the local area. I’m very interested in seeing how this school does in a few years time. Awesome!

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  1. An online course has 2 elements
    Web site technology

    I understand very well an academia can solve the technology part.
    But who will provide the knowledge. That is someting accumulated through years . And only knowledge is not enough, teaching ability ( somebody has it from birth ) should be there too . So I hope a team of good teachers ( to me best in the USA ) will be there .

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