Posted by: crudbasher | July 12, 2013

Video On Implications Of Artificial Intelligence

Of all the advanced technology topics I talk about on this blog, probably the one with the most potential to change the world is Artificial Intelligence.

There are two kinds of AI.

  • Basic AI is something we see every day. When we go to Netflix, we get a list of recommendations based on our previous viewing habits. This kind of expert system is used to make decisions based on a very limited view of the world.
  • Strong AI is something we don’t have yet. This is a general purpose system that can experience the world as humans do and react in ways humans might do. This is the ultimate disruptive technology.

I am going to lead up to a big post on AI, probably next week but I want some time to set the table for it. 🙂 To start with, check out this video overview. (H/T the Atlantic)


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