Posted by: crudbasher | September 24, 2013

MITx Now Offering Credentials

When Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) were created I noted that the first generation would pretty much try to follow the pattern of campus classes. The web did the same thing until the web 2.0 era. The first generation MOOCs were certainly flawed but they are based on software and therefore can have rapid evolution. The other thing to note is they didn’t give credit or credentials. That is now starting to change.

Remember the process of credentialing is the business of universities, not providing educations. This is therefore a big deal as it cuts into the bread and butter of universities.

Today I read this article in Campus Technology (very good magazine by the way) about how MITx is now going to offer certifications for modules. What caught my eye was this quote.

“We are no longer constrained to structure course material in 14-week units to fit the academic semester,” said MIT Senior Lecturer Chris Terman, MIT senior lecturer and part of the instructional team for the Foundations of Computer Science XSeries.  in a prepared statement. “We can split the material into more approachable modules, each focused on key concepts of computer science and computational thinking, and assemble those modules into new programs intended for a larger audience.”

That is an evolutionary approach to teaching. They are starting to evolve past the ideas of physically based classes and thus are splitting their course up into parts, thus also hitting on my Theory of Disaggregation. It’s a twofer. 🙂

I’m not sure how long it will take but eventually there will be major colleges that will make more money from online classes than from on campus classes. Times are changing my friends!


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