Posted by: crudbasher | June 4, 2015

Education Infrastructure

You don’t really stop to think each day about how many people and how much money are required in the US to put a student in a classroom with a teacher. For most states it is many thousands of dollars each year and despite this, a lot of it gets wasted in administration and other overhead costs.

This leads me to a piece written by Glenn Beck. Yes that Glenn Beck. You may not like him but I encourage you to read this article he wrote in the Huff Post.

In this article he talks about what has to happen in order to conduct an in person interview with him.

I sat down to be interviewed for a show that inexplicably named me as one of the most interesting people of the year. (It wasn’t a very interesting year, apparently.)

I sat there in utter amazement at the sheer scale of what needed to happen to pull this off. My segment was just a few minutes. It was a simple interview with Barbara Walters and myself. Yet, bustling around my office was close to 50 people, setting up and tearing down for hours and hours through multiple shifts. There was so much equipment, I wondered if the floors could hold it. There were handlers, caterers, and handlers for the caterers. They closed part of Sixth Avenue. There were more people in our offices to do a meaningless two-minute interview than worked in my entire company.

Sounds like a school doesn’t it? A mass of people and infrastructure in order to bring a student and teacher together. Now here’s the most interesting part.

The media of the future is nimble, fit, and intimate. It has no respect for its elders. It doesn’t care how it was done before. There is a very real power in realizing this. Those who cling on to power are most likely to lose it.

The winners in this environment will be those who can successfully empower their readers, listeners, and viewers. They want something authentic.

Now go back and read that a substitute “media” with “education”. Cool eh? He understands that there are different ways to do things now and yet some people are holding on to the past. Well they will be overtaken by events, or rather overtaken by the stormfront of change coming.


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