Posted by: crudbasher | February 22, 2010

Making Change Happen in Schools

Interesting article discussing how to start change in an organization. One thing it mentions is how innovation doesn’t happen from the top down. Since Washington DC is more and more pulling the strings for Education, this tends to leave the door open for more innovative private Education Providers.  (See my post What if Schools Don’t Change?)In fact, I am coining a new term. 

The name "school" is obsolete too.  It implies a place you go to for learning.  Since this can happen at home, I think we should refer to these entities as "Education Providers".

  • How to create change in schools

    tags: education, technology

    • Innovation and Change: Why Bother?

    • Why is lasting change elusive?

    • 1. People cannot be expected to innovate-on-demand.

    • 2. The problem is not that the staff are not "team players."

    • 3. Innovation necessitates personal change (and occasionally, spare-change).

    • 4. We value knowing why something ought to be changed, and especially why we should put forth the effort (or stick our necks out) to make it happen.

    • 5. Organizations are conditioned by the consistent failures of top-down edicts.

    • 6. Buy-in cannot be coerced.

    • Line managers and their staff are expert problem-solvers who live to sink their teeth into a real challenge. So, when we present a pre-digested solution (however well-thought-out) without vetting the problem and priorities, we devalue their critical contribution to day-to-day organizational success. 

    • 1. Instead of delivering marching orders, present your top-three headaches

    • 2. Without suggesting a solution, describe what their world would be like in the absence of that problem.

    • 3. Ask the open-ended question, "what would need to happen to get from point-A to point-B in X-weeks?"

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  1. Change also requires that those making the change aren’t being challenged and forced to do things a certain way. It is hard to make change as a teacher when there is no support and teachers are instead faced with opposition. I almost feel like the current school model won’t change. We need a “do over”.

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