Posted by: crudbasher | March 29, 2010

The Big Question for University Survival

This is really the big question for Universities.

What does a university offer a student that is worth $50K per year?

Those that can come up with an answer to this will survive the next 15 years.  Those that can’t, won’t.  The public has more choices now and many more soon.

Oh, and there is a time limit on the answer.

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    • The first recorded annual tuition at the first college founded in the United States was one pound, six shillings and eight pence–or about $152 in today’s dollars. That’s what students at Harvard paid in 1654.
    • Next year, Harvard students who don’t qualify for any financial aid will pay the new sticker price of $50,724 for tuition, room and board and fees,
    • Last November, the Chronicle of Higher Education did an analysis that showed that 58 private colleges were charging at least $50,000 for tuition, room and board and fees.
    • A report on college pricing by the College Board shows that the average cost of attending private colleges for the current school year rose 4.3 percent from the year before, to $35,636.

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  1. An interesting way of putting it for sure…I often hear about the traditions of academia (I’m married to a university professor) and we discuss the implications of online degree programs have on traditional brick & mortar institutions. Traditional academia are very slow to change – what happens to them as the world changes around them?

    • While nobody can know exactly what is about to happen, we can look at other industries that deliver information for a price. We can look at Record Companies, Movie Studios, and Newspapers to start with. Record companies have moved to iTunes and 99 cent pricing. For now that is helping. Movie studios are introducing 3d and raising their prices. For now that will work until people decide to wait a few months to get it on Netflix instead of going to the movies. As for newspapers… well that story is about to be written. Right now their advertising business is completely collapsing so we will see if the ipad helps. Get back to me in a year. 🙂

      I think Higher Ed is about to get their turn.

      Thanks much for commenting!!!

  2. An important question and one that I hope universities are seriously considering. As it stands, I can’t think of much that my college experience offered that I couldn’t get for free online and from visiting classrooms. They are really going to have to rethink everything to remain relevant.

  3. The problem is, right now Universities are raking it in, so they aren’t willing to question their own methods. Just because it is working today doesn’t mean it still will tomorrow. That lack of vision will be fatal to lots of Universities. (unless the government takes them over too)

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