Posted by: crudbasher | August 23, 2010

Amazing Space Images

I love the space program.  The idea that we might one day leave this planet and go live somewhere else is deeply moving to me.

Trivia tidbit about me: in 1996 I got to sit in the pilot seat of Endeavour, one of the space shuttles.

I know many of my readers are teacher who go back to school today, so I want to give you all a moment of bliss and inspiration!

I found this list of 16 amazing images from space.  It kind of helps you get perspective on things.

Have a wonderful first day back my teacher friends!

Picture of the Earth

Some images don't need a caption.


  1. Fun Trivia! How did you get that honor?

  2. I was working for a simulation company. We got a contract to make a 3d model of the control room at KSC. I went over to take pictures of it. While we were there our tour guide got us into the hangar where Endeavour was. We put on the clean suits and got to go in. I sat in the right hand seat, which is the pilot seat. 🙂 It was an amazing experience!

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